Popular Force: Pedro Castillo must resign but there is no way to revoke the mandate of Congress

Popular Force: Pedro Castillo must resign but there is no way to revoke the mandate of Congress

The spokesman for the Popular Force bench,requested the resignation of but specified that the parliamentary mandate is five years and cannot be shortened, unless there is a dissolution of Congress.

In statements to Canal N, the Fujimori legislator pointed out that there are exceptional cases, such as what happened in 2000, in which the mandate was shortened.

SIGHT: Pedro Castillo will have to respond on Monday the 7th for meetings in Sarratea

The way out is for Mr. Pedro Castillo to leave. He should recognize his inability to govern and resign so that it is a short anecdote of the country. [¿Se va el presidente y también el Congreso?] The constitution is clear, there is no way to revoke the parliamentary mandate, there is no other way to revoke the position other than the dissolution of Congress”, he asserted.

“If we reach the limit of a great impasse, there is always room for reflection, like the one that occurred when President Fujimori left. You have to understand that Congress is sovereign, Congress, being unpopular, is where the representatives are”, he added.

Regarding the motion of censure presented against the Minister of Health, Guerra García assured that this initiative is based on the fact that his appointment is part of a distribution of public positions.

When he has wanted to visit hospitals, the minister has had the rejection of health personnel. He wants to stay in office to be able to say that he was a minister, and that is why they cling to the positions. This is not an elected Cabinet but a repartition, armed by the Shadow Cabinet, giving a quota of Free Peru and Together for Peru”, said.

The motion presented registers 33 signatures necessary for its presentation at the table of parts of the Congress, mainly from Avanza País, Renovación Popular and Podemos Perú.

The motion links Condori with “a series of complaints for functional misconduct, alleged acts of corruption, acts against ethics in professional practice, which can lead to attacks against public health.”


The former Minister of Health, Oscar Ugarte, in dialogue with Perú21TV, refuted the owner of the ruling party (Perú Libre) Vladimir Cerrón, who, faced with questions from the Minister of Health, Hernán Condori, assured that “the great fear of the former ministers of Health is that Condori denounces the vaccine purchase mafia”.

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