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A WhatsApp audio gave them away: that’s how they found the bartender’s killers in Lezica


The Justice imputed this Wednesday to two teenagers for him homicide of a bartender in Lezica on April 29. According to sources in the case, The Observer the minors were dedicated to stealing cell phones, and for these inquiries is that the investigators they managed to link them to the crime that happened five months ago.

The cell phone theft complaints They fell again and again before the police stations. Until one of the complainants contributed to the Ministry of the Interior real time information about where his cell phone was, thanks to the optionFind my iPhone” (in Spanish, “find my iPhone”). It was a point on the map of Montevideo that allowed the police to know at all times where the person with the stolen device was.

After a recent break-in, the police seized several cell phones: the stolen ones but also those that were the property of the now accused. The youngsters had a conversation about the murder they had committed. The WhatsApp messages and audio they became part of the prosecutor’s investigation for the accusation that would end their accusations.

The audio placed them at the scene of the bartender’s murderon Lezica and Niña streets, around 9:40 p.m. on that Friday when they had posed as customers.

Although the two adolescents had been arrested the morning after the homicide after a first raid on their home in the Conciliación neighborhood, they could not be linked. With the new evidence, this Wednesday they were charged with homicide and the Justice sent them to the National Institute for Adolescent Social Inclusion (Inisa), reported Telemundo (channel 12) and confirmed official sources to The Observer. They were also charged with illegal possession of weapons, which were where the police seized the cell phones.

two convictions

With the investigation advanced, in May of this year the Justice sentenced two adolescents for carrying weapons in an irregular situation, Montevideo Portal reported at the time. It was found that they participated in the event and two firearms, ammunition, an electric prod, cell phones and money were seized from them. At the time, those minors could not be linked to the homicide. At that time it was arranged assisted freedom for six months with control of Inisa.

More people were investigated during this time by the prosecution, because it was a group of criminals that acted that night of April 29 that turned violent. The victim received two shots that killed him. They threatened its owner with pepper spray and weapons. The owner of the premises tried to disarm one of the criminals, but was attacked by another who shot him twice, one of them near the heart.

The merchant was treated and transferred to the Saint Bois hospital, but died from the seriousness of his injuries. A customer of the canteen was shot in the face, and managed to recover later after being admitted to the Hospital de Clínicas. Both were the ones who got involved in a fight with the criminals, who there were five.

Consequently, a group of residents from Lezica, Villa Colón, Colón and Melilla gathered that Saturday afternoon to demand more police presence in the area.

There were several witnesses who later testified before prosecutor Ricardo Chiecchi. The attackers escaped with the clients’ belongings and a vehicle, which was later found in a vacant lot near the Pantanoso stream.

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