A student falls from the second floor of his school and suffers a fracture

A student falls from the second floor of his school and suffers a fracture

A student 12-year-old from the María Teresa Pulido Educational Unit, located in the Plan Tres Mil area, He suffered an accident when he fell from the second floor of the school. Due to the fall, the student suffered a broken arm.

The accident occurred on Tuesday afternoon and It caused great fright both to the students who witnessed the event and to the teachers. An emergency team arrived at the scene and took the student to the Los Pocitos hospital, from where he was transferred to the Mario Ortiz Children’s Hospital.

the paramedic Jim Nágera, who transported the student in an ambulance, indicated that the boy had suffered a fracture in his left arm.either. Meanwhile, the doctors ordered other studies to find out if he had other injuries.

The educational establishment where the accident occurred.

The boy’s mother, Yuli Contreras, indicated this Wednesday that her son is out of danger and that the accident was lucky, since his son will recover soon.

The director of the educational unit, Juana Roja, pointed out that the accident occurred during recess, when the child played the “monkey” game with his classmates. He believes that he was destabilized and fell.

According to the director, both the health insurance and the school itself will take care of all medical expenses involving the student’s care.

Said that the school has railings throughout the upper floor, which serve as a barrier so that the students don’t fall, but that day the boy was jumping.

However, parents and the teaching staff will meet this Wednesday to analyze other measures to be adopted in order to avoid new accidents.

Cash of the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc) arrived this morning at the Mario Ortiz children’s hospitalto investigate what happened.

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