A married couple is arrested in Neiba for homicide in Hato Mayor

A married couple is arrested in Neiba for homicide in Hato Mayor

NEIBA.- A married couple, accused of murdering Juan Encarnación Alarcón in the Las Chinas sector north of Hato Mayor del Rey, was arrested in a raid carried out in the municipality of Los Ríos, Neiba.

Frailin Pérez, 20 years old, and Ashley Jiménez, 18 years old, were arrested during a joint action by the Public Ministry or Agents of the Criminal Investigation Department (DICRIM), in Bahoruco.

In the raid, the authorities seized a pistol, two chargers, 15 capsules, two communication radios with their chargers, a toy gun and a portion of marijuana.

In the operation led by prosecutor Juan Gómez Medina and DICRIM captain Wellington Otiloo Feliz, a motorcycle was also seized, which they used to commit their misdeeds.

They were arrested, according to the police report, for reports of robberies and robberies carried out in the southern area.


On Friday, December 24, 2021, the young Frailin Pérez would have shot and killed Juan Encarnación Alarcón at an alleged drug point in the Las Chinas sector, north of Hato Mayor del Rey.

It was said that the prisoner in Neiba attacked Juancito aboard a jeep, whom he killed and fled from the scene of the crime.

At least six 9-millimeter pistol bullet casings were collected near Juancito’s body.

At least two bullet wounds hit him in the face, knocking him to the ground as he fell from the engine where he was sitting.

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