“A joke”: Mayor of Chimbarongo defends himself after criticizing the constitutional proposal with an insult

Marco Contreras, mayor of Chimbarongo has generated controversy for his statements regarding the proposal for a New Constitution.

“It’s a text that really is shit,” he said, in statements that he made in an activity that, as he points out, were not within his responsibilities as mayor.

In a video that was recorded by one of the attendees at the meeting, the authority can be heard saying: “I imagine that everyone here rejects. If not, the door is wide.”

In this instance, the senator and president of the UDI Javier Macaya also participated, which sought to report on the proposal for a new constitutional text. In addition, the communal chief pointed out that “times are coming that are complex, that are difficult, but logically we have to be there to defend our position,” according to records found on social networks.

The most controversial phrase was when the mayor said the following: “Can I say it in good Chilean? It is a text that really sucks, ”he assured.

After the situation of last Friday, August 12, Contreras has indicated on Facebook that the videos would have been maliciously edited and published. He assuring that the words used to refer to the proposed new Magna Carta were in a “joking tone”, apologizing to anyone who may have felt offended.

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