A doctor is dismissed for not lining up with Abdo

A doctor is dismissed for not lining up with Abdo

Last Friday, February 4, Julio Borba, Minister of Health, ordered the change in the direction of the V Health Region. Liz Ramírez replaced Lorena Ocampos. What is striking is that the dismissal was for political reasons, as denounced by Ocampos’s husband, Luis Villar, who is the former director of the V Sanitary Region (Caaguazú), expressed that his family is calm, since his wife fulfilled her duty.

“As a citizen, it is a pity that political issues are put before management. They began a groping announced by a cabinet minister, for not aligning with Hugo Velázquez’s political project, ”he questioned.

The doctor alluded to Mario Varela, Minister of Social Development, who would be behind the change.

Villar stated that the political environment is quite heated in Caaguazú. With changes in some institutions, where those responsible do not respond to the official political project.

“It wasn’t that surprising to me. I am sorry that they return to these practices,” she stated.


Villar had suffered a similar situation in 2015. At that time he was director of the V Health Region and was also removed from the position for political reasons. At that time, Horacio Cartes was the president of the Republic and Mario Abdo Benítez, a senator and opponent.

“After my dismissal, Abdo had said that he would never repeat those practices, but today he is doing it. It is a pity that management is not respected. In the end, the consequences end up affecting the people,” he stated.

After the dismissal, Dr. Ocampos has requested her vacation. She is now waiting for confirmation of where her new workplace will be. That is to say, she will go on to fulfill other functions within the V Sanitary Region.

At the time, Villar supported Abdo Benítez, when he ran for president of the Governing Board of the ANR. Charge that finally remained for Pedro Alliana. However, Ocampos did not take sides neither for the current ruling party or for Chartism, she was dismissed anyway.

“My personal thought was that the then senator was a very good option to be president of the Board,” he recalled.
Finally, he regretted that this type of act is always seen in Health.

The appointment of Ramírez in replacement of Ocampos was made through Resolution DGRR.HH. No. 336.

Pedro Pérez, director of the Coordination Directorate of Health Regions, as well as the new head of the V Region and the outgoing one, and officials from this dependency of the Ministry of Health in the department of Caaguazú participated in the official presentation. Also present was Mario Varela, head of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, who was the master of ceremonies for the transfer of the mandate.

The presidential elections will take place on Sunday, December 18, both for the ANR and for the opposition. The generals will take place on Sunday, April 30.

Hugo Velázquez, Vice President of the Republic is the official candidate. While Santiago Peña is the candidate for Chartism.

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