Walfrido Rodríguez Piloto

9/11 protester has been on hunger strike for 11 days in prison 15-80

Havana Cuba. — Cuban opponent Walfrido Rodríguez Piloto, a protester on July 11, 2021 (11J), has been planted for 11 days and without eating food in a punishment cell at prison 15-80, located in the Havana municipality of San Miguel del Padrón.

As he commented by telephone to CubaNet the political prisoner Yasser Fernando Rodríguez González, confined in that penitentiary, Rodríguez Piloto stood up on November 17 after an altercation with Captain José de la Cruz, second head of Internal Order, and with first lieutenant Castillo, who acts as group leader.

The source indicates that Walfrido Rodríguez Piloto was locked up in the punishment cell on October 26 by order of Lieutenant Colonel Chala, of the General Directorate of Prisons of Cuba, and Major Osmani Ramírez Díaz, alias El Chino, deputy head of unit.

Rodríguez González indicated that in cell number 13 —where Walfrido is located— there is a sink full of mosquitoes and that the 9/11 protester is very deteriorated, pale and emaciated.

The source also denounced that neither the head of the unit, Major Nivaldo Hernández Rodríguez, nor the deputy chief, Major Osmani Ramírez Díaz, have come to the location to find out about the striker’s condition.

So far, no doctor has come forward to provide health care to Walfrido, 54, whose health is beginning to show the consequences of the hunger strikes he has carried out in recent months.

It should be noted that although prison inmates 15-80 are only allowed to use the phone once a week, Yasser Fernando Rodriguez Gonzalez —who is serving a seven-year prison sentence— has frequently informed this newspaper about the difficult living conditions suffered by prisoners in that and other penitentiary centers.

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