3-1: Olimpia eliminates Diriangén

3-1: Olimpia eliminates Diriangén

The Olympiaof Honduraseliminated this Thursday the Diriangénof Nicaraguaby beating him 3-1 in the Concacaf Leagueand sealed his pass to the semifinal, in which he will face Motaguaits eternal and neighboring rival of Tegucigalpa.

The first half was for both teams, with a Diriangén reaching the rival area and shots from long and medium distance, but without major problems for the Olympiawho was also looking for him on the counterattack.

With slightly more control of the ball, the Olympia He shot five times at the goal of the Nicaraguan club, which he did four times, one of them accurate, with short passes and a lot of speed, winning the back of the defense of the Olympia and get ahead.

The Diriangén began to dream of the comeback at minute 31, when Leonel Torres He finished a meter from the goal of the Olympia a ball that came from the left.

The Olympiawho in the first leg won by a 0-4 beating, reached the rival area with Jerry Bengtson Y Bryan Moya at the top, and from the midfield they promoted the game Jose Pinto and Michael Chirinos.

In the second half, the Olympia he had more of the ball again and continued trying to find at least a draw, but the defense of the Diriangén It didn’t give him much liberties.

It was not until minute 61 that Jerry Bengtson tied the game 1-1 with a headed goal, beating a defender from the Diriangén.

Although he was once again at a large disadvantage, the Diriangén did not give up his offensive game and put the defense and the goalkeeper in trouble Olympia, Eduardo Menjivarin a game that became alternate domain.

The Olympia He also continued to grind and at minute 80 he took the lead with a score, also a header, from Jorge Benguchewho had just come in to replace Jerry Bengtson, your captain.

At 90+3, Michael Chirinosfrom a penalty, put the final score 3-1 in favor of Olympia.

The tombstone became heavier for the Diriangen, that said goodbye to the Concacaf League in the quarterfinals giving the fight, at least in the second game.

On Wednesday, the Motagua eliminated the Taurus, from Panama, while today, Real España, also from Honduras, did the same with Herediano, from Costa Rica.

Data sheet:

3. Olympia: Eduardo Menjivar; Maylor Núñez, José García, Juan Pablo Montes, Germán Mejía; Gabriel Araújo, José Pinto (Josman Figueroa m.67), Michael Chirinos, Óscar Bonieck García (Jorge Álvarez m.66); Jerry Bengtson (Jorge Benguché m.66) and Brayan Moya.

Coach: Pedro Troglio (Argentina).

1. Diriangen: Miguel Rodriguez; Luis Copete, Erick Téllez, Francisco Flores, Mario Dávila; Júnior Arteaga, Taufic Guarch (Tulio López m.86), Jason Coronel, Luis Coronel (Ramiro Peters m.76); Robinson Da Silva (Alexander Zúñiga m.76) and Leonel Torres.

Coach: Roberto Chanampe (Argentina).

Goals: 0-1, m.31: Leonel Torres. 1-1, m.61: Jerry Bengtson. 1-2, m.80: Jorge Benguche. 1-3, m:90+3: Michael Chirinos.

Referee: Daneon Parchment (Jamaica). He showed yellow card to Jason Coronel, Leonel Torres and Miguel Rodríguez, from Diriangén, and Josman Figueroa, from Olimpia.

Incidents; Second leg of the Concacaf League quarterfinals, played at the Francisco Morazán Stadium, in San Pedro Sula, in northern Honduras.

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