Entrada al estado Táchira desde el lado colombiano.

Strict border security, Venezuelans ask in Colombia

In the midst of the process of recovering relations between the two nations, Venezuelans in Colombia speak from Boyacá.

Bilateral relations are being restored
With the entry of the government of President Gustavo Petro, relations began to be diplomatic between Bogotá and Caracas: there are already ambassadors and commercial relations have a better prospect, since will reopen the border on September 26, which for Venezuelans in Colombia, means an important contribution for economic compensation between the two nations, but opens wide questions and paths that they hope the two countries will resolve, about in terms of security and criminality.

This is how Venezuelans see the ‘handshake’ between the two countries
Anny Uribe, legal representative of the Simón Bolívar Foundation, which assists the migrant, refugee and returnee population in the department of Boyacá, He maintained that “although we recognize that it is a great step that our two countries take, what worries us is that there is nothing clear in the eyes of the citizens, Colombians and Venezuelans, for the treatment and shielding of the two nations against the criminal activity that unfortunately we know has permeated Venezuela.”

He added that “above all we are concerned about Colombia, which has really welcomed us as best it could, and for that, We consider it extremely urgent and necessary that border security be taken seriously, with a strong hand against criminals and delinquents, because what we do not want is for the tranquility of our brother countries to be altered, on the contrary, the union must be against those who threaten the security of the peoples”, Uribe mentioned.

On the other hand, he stressed that in his opinion, another of the great efforts that cannot be underestimated by the states for the reopening of the border, translates into the strengthening of capacities to counter smuggling, but also with the responsibility of reactivating legal economies.

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