23 years in prison for two FANB officers for sexual abuse

20 years in prison for raping his three stepsons

The Miranda 2nd Trial Court sentenced Cruz Antonio Barrena Fuentes (37) to 20 years in prison, who admitted his responsibility for the sexual abuse of his 13, 11 and 10-year-old stepsons, the Prosecutor’s Office reported.

This situation was denounced on October 31, 2016 at the headquarters of Cicpc-Rubio, Táchira.
Once there, the mother told officials that her 13-year-old daughter told her that her stepfather had been abusing her for approximately three years when he was caring for her at her home, located in the Rómulo Gallegos neighborhood of Los Teques. , Miranda State.

After several tasks, it was determined that Barrena Fuentes had also abused her other two stepchildren. Given these circumstances, the convicted person was arrested on November 2, 2016.

At the opening of the trial, the 12th Prosecutor of Miranda ratified the accusation against the man for the crimes of aggravated sexual violence, sexual abuse of a child with penetration and threat.

Once the means and bodies of evidence were evaluated, the 2nd Trial Court of Miranda handed down the aforementioned sentence against Barrena Fuentes, who will serve his sentence in the Yare II Capital Region Judicial Confinement Center, located in Guatire.

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