Red tide returned to the streets in Lara in support of Maduro

Red tide returned to the streets in Lara in support of Maduro

Palavecineses in the state of Lara (Barquisimeto) marched in defense of the social policies of President Nicolás Maduro, from the emblematic La Cruz de Cabudare square in the Palavecino municipality, this Thursday, April 13.

Starting at two in the afternoon, they began to gather in the aforementioned public space, issuing messages about the commitment of each Venezuelan to contribute to the development of the country from the locality, and to continue defending the social rights acquired during the Bolivarian government system.

The agitation activity organized by the Bolivarian forces in this town was joined by the political head of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Governor Adolfo Pereira; the mayor Derby Guedez (Palavecino) and his counterparts Julio Garcés (Crespo-Duaca) and Ángel Prado (Simón Planas-Sarare).

Upon his arrival in Palavecin, President Pereira affirmed that from the state of Lara “they support all the policies directed by our president Nicolás Maduro and we condemn the economic blockade of the empire.”

Juan Álvarez, head of organization of the PSUV in Palavecino, called on the bases, the professionals and the youth to continue proposing and leading in each space of the three parishes that make up this municipality; the organization and promotion of plans and programs that generate social welfare for individual and collective enjoyment.

It should be noted that recently, the first vice president of the PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, visited Lara and led a march in the Jiménez municipality (Quibor) for which this entity once again expresses itself with the already well-known “red tide” this time from Cabudare , Palavecino.

feel of the people

Chiquinquirá Rodríguez, facilitator of the Ribas and Robinsón educational missions, explained that the daily effort is for the defense of the achievements in the Revolution that Commander Hugo Chávez fueled for the well-being of the people; and the determination of the peoples, whose thought is inherited from the Liberator Simón Bolívar.

Rodríguez also communicated: “We must show the opponents that Venezuela is not left behind, its people are working and the Bolivarian project of Chávez and Bolívar will continue forward.”

Clinical psychologist Esthefany González, for her part, pointed out that undoubtedly, the country’s economic situation has generated various social problems that are currently addressed through workshops through the Child and Adolescent Law Council.

He mentioned as worrisome the emergence of the Empty Nest Syndrome (SNV), exacerbated by family disintegration due to migration, which, for the most part, has occurred due to the pressure of the lack of economic resources to meet the needs of the family nucleus.

The young Nashelly Sánchez, commissioner of mobilization and events of the Jpsuv, opined that “the youth supports President Nicolás Maduro for everything he has provided and for giving him space in the different responsibilities inside and outside the party.”

On the other hand, María Guillén, promoter of humanized childbirth, indicated that the homeland must be defended “from the corrupt who want to seize the oil that Venezuela has.”

He also assured that “they will be defeated once again.”

Dr. Widaly Manzano, coordinator of Great Social Missions, participated in the Agua Viva parish, arguing that she is marching for “our children and for all the well-being of our people,” while adding that “the opposition should not be given the strength to keep our resources.”

“We have to go against the economic sanctions as warriors and warriors that we are and always on our feet,” exclaimed Manzano, while sharing in La Cruz square in downtown Cabudare.

A group of older adults also came out this Thursday, July 13, in defense of the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution, representing the Casa de Saberes de los Abuelos that operates in the Los Pinos de Cabudare urbanization, a place from where they undertake, study, they share, recreate and feed the elderly in the town of Palavecino.

  • Red tide returned to the streets in Lara in support of Maduro

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