The Broad Front celebrates 52 years with a view to the future of the leftist force

The FA leads the coalition in a new Factum survey


In its latest survey, carried out between June 21 and 28 and presented on the VTV Noticias program, Factum revealed interesting data on the electoral preference of Uruguayans with a view to the 2024 elections.

According to the results, if the elections were held next Sunday, the Frente Amplio would get 40% of the votes, the National Party would reach 26%the Colorado Party would achieve 9%.

For his part, Town meeting would stand at 7%, the Independent Party would obtain 4%, while other parties would have 4% of the votes. In addition, 3% of the votes would be blank or annulled, and 7% of those surveyed were undecided.

During the period from June 21 to 28, the consultant collected data through telephone surveys and in-person interviews, with the aim of obtaining a representative sample of the electoral population. The consultant considers the possible positive or negative impacts that certain events may have had on public opinion.

These events include the crisis unleashed in the multicolored coalition due to the presidential request for resignation from the former Minister of Housing, Irene Moreirato the Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning, as well as the water crisis and other relevant events in the country.

Finally, the company clarifies that does not take into account possible impacts related to the interpellation of the interior minister Luis Alberto Heberthe potential decision of the PIT-CNT to promote a constitutional plebiscite on social security, nor the announcement of the Cabildo Abierto to promote a constitutional plebiscite on the issue of debtors and interest rates. These events could have a significant impact on voting intentions and are expected to be reflected in the next poll.

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