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2 people arrested in Esperanza transporting 16 illegal Haitians in a jeep

Esperanza, Valverde.-The National Police arrested this Wednesday morning, after a chase, a man and a woman who were transporting 16 citizens in a jeep illegal haitiansincluding three minors, in addition to clandestine merchandise, smuggled from Haiti.

seized money

The detainees are the Dominicans Nilo de Jesús Durán de los Santos and Rosa Tejada, who were traveling in a white Toyota Hailander SUV, license plate G-488269, intercepted by police officers in the Monte Adentro sector, in the municipal district of Jicomé , from the municipality of Esperanza, Valverde province.

Inside said vehicle, the police officers found 12 bottles of beer, 24 bottles of rum and 299 packs of cigarettes, merchandise with Haitian origin brands, as well as three cell phones and the amount of 9,200 Dominican pesos in cash.

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In the morning hours of this Wednesday, the accusatory file against the two Dominicans will be implemented, as well as proceeding to send the detained Haitians to the National Migration Directorate, for the corresponding legal purposes, the Police indicated.

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