Zvonko Matkovic: "We are not going to fall into the MAS game, what they want is to hit the Government"

Zvonko Matkovic: "We are not going to fall into the MAS game, what they want is to hit the Government"

December 31, 2022, 11:54 AM

December 31, 2022, 11:54 AM

Zvonko Matkovic, president of the Departmental Legislative Assembly, pointed out that, despite the consternation caused by the surprise arrest of the governor of SSanta Cruz, the activities in the Departmental Governmentntal they are normal and that there is no doubt that the first authority in Santa Cruz continues to be Luis Fernando Camacho.

Has the routine of the Government been altered in any way? He was asked during the program ¡Qué Semana!, on EL DEBER Radio. “There is dismay and Concern because Luis Fernando is the head of the Executive entity of the Governorate,” the authority replied.d, by clarifying that the activities in the institution continue as normal because many of the functions are delegated, in accordance with the law. He indicated that the reports that must be uploaded to the system are being complied with, as occurs in each management closure.

Matkovic gave his full support to the governor and reiterated that the departmental authorities will not fall for the government’s game of hitting the Governor’s office. “The Statute is absolutely clear: Governor Camacho is still the governor. As I have said and the lieutenant governor has also stated, we are working absolutely coordinated and we are not going to enter the MAS game, which wants to hit the Santa Cruz Governorate. What he seeks is to decapitate the Governor and for Luis Fernando Camacho not to be the governor of Santa Cruz, that is, he is to depose a political authority by force, but we are not going to allow it, ”he said.

He asked the population of Santa Cruz to be “calm, since his authority is coordinating with the lieutenant governor” and not there will be no problem for the institution to continue working for the people and for the people who elected them, he saideither.

On Friday, the Secretaries of the Interior also issued a statement stating that camacho continues to be the governor of Santa Cruzas stipulated in the rules of the autonomous statute.

“We as Government officials and respectful of the rules have to adhere to the Autonomous Statute, which makes it clear to us in whichsituations the governor ceases to be a governor, and these they are four. By resignation, by revocation of mandate, by death or enforceable sentence“, said Efraín Suárez, legal secretary of the Interior.

SAccording to him, none of these situations has occurred and therefore “the governor is still Luis Fernando Camacho Vaca and will do it from wherever he is “he pointed.

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