Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral receives award for its innovation

Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral receives award for its innovation

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira received recognition for its new range of products and services, among which stands out the mapping show, a laser projection that is made on the walls of the central nave, located 180 meters below ground.

(This happens with the alms collected by the Catholic Church in the country).

The first wonder of Colombia was awarded the Business Merit Award, in the category Development of New Products and Services of Aesabana.

According to Aesabana “this award seeks to extol the work that has been carried out in the face of solving social and environmental problems and how these have contributed to the competitiveness of the Sabana Centro.”

The recognition was given to the manager of the Salt Cathedral, Yenny Páez Sabogal, who paid tribute to the workers and officials of the place.


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