Zelensky thanks UN advisers for votes against Russia

Zelensky thanks UN advisers for votes against Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked, on his Twitter account, the 11 votes of member countries of the UN Security Council, in favor of the resolution against Russian military actions against Ukraine.Zelensky thanks UN advisers for votes against Russia

A temporary member of the council, Brazil was one of the countries that expressed a condemnatory vote. The only country to vote against was Russia itself, which ended up exercising its veto power, causing the resolution to be rejected.

The vote also received three abstentions. One of them is from China, a country that has not taken a stand against the actions led by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The others were India and the United Arab Emirates.

“Thank you to all UN Security Council members who voted to stop Russia’s insidious attack on Ukraine and the UN Charter. Russia’s veto is a bloodstain on its sign on the Security Council, on the map of Europe and the world. The anti-war coalition must act immediately,” tweeted the ukrainian president.

Russia and NATO

The advance of Russian troops on the neighboring country began on Wednesday night (24), already early in the morning in Russia. The advance is towards the country’s capital, Kiev.

Among the arguments presented by the Russian government is the attempt to bring Ukraine closer to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a military alliance led by the United States (USA) that has 30 signatory countries, committed to defending any country. -member if attacked.

There are already NATO troops stationed in countries neighboring Ukraine, such as Lithuania, Poland and Romania. In recent statements, Putin says that NATO’s advance in Eastern Europe represents a breach of agreements already signed between the US and Russia.

Faced with the situation, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs used Twitter to also threaten Finland, with whom it borders further north.

Through the social network, he reminded the neighboring country of its commitment to non-military alignment and made threats if it decides to join NATO. “We consider the Finnish government’s commitment to a policy of military non-alignment to be an important factor in ensuring security and stability in Northern Europe. Finland’s accession to NATO would have serious military and political repercussions.”

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