YPFB starts auditing suppliers and logistics to import fuels

YPFB starts auditing suppliers and logistics to import fuels

Bolivian Fiscal Oil Fields (YPFB) started an audit of the fuel import chain to identify the causes for which the company ran out of diesel reserves in its warehouses, informed the president of the state oil company, Armin Dorgathen.

“A couple of weeks ago we went through a logistical issue. Then, an audit has been instructed to see not only the issue of suppliersbut also to see everything that happened in the logistics issue regarding the import of fuels”, said the executive in statements to Bolivia Tv.

The audit of YPFB suppliers is available after Trafigura, a company that provides different services to the state oil company, such as fuel transportation, received questions in other countries for alleged irregularities.

On June 3, the ruling deputy Hernán Hinojosa sent the President of YPFB a request for a written report to explain the direct hiring of Trafiguraa company that was banned in Argentina, Mexico and Brazil for acts of corruption.

The legislator also questioned that the legal representative of that company in Bolivia is a former YPFB official and that he has criminal proceedings dating back to 2015. This company has to bribe officials to be awarded” contracts. “Why is it in YPFB? Aren’t there other companies that have a good track record?” he remarked.

As YPFB we do all hiring in accordance with the regulations and with all the transparency that each case means,” said Dorgathen about it.

Meanwhile, on June 2, a ship with 45.2 million liters of diesel arrived in Puerto Arica to unload fuel at the YPFB maritime station, which previously could not receive that product because it was undergoing maintenance.

This station receives the load of diesel and gasoline from two to three ships per monthdepending on the weather conditions that are recorded in the region

“The entire previous week we were constantly supplied with supplies. Product that arrived, product that left, without days of autonomy in the YPFB tanks. However, we were complying. There are no queues in the different cities anymore,” said Dorgathen.

“ANDhe ship is going to allow us the days of autonomy that we need so much,” he remarked.

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