YPFB formalizes shipment of only 7.5 Mmmcd to the Argentine market and will seek to export more in winter

YPFB formalizes shipment of only 7.5 Mmmcd to the Argentine market and will seek to export more in winter

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Two days after closing the agreement with the Argentine Energy Integration (IEASA), Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) reported that Bolivia will send the Argentine market 7.5 million cubic meters per day (Mmmcd) of natural gas for two months and will seek to increase winter volumes.

The negotiations culminated on January 31 and on Tuesday the president of the state oil company, Armin Dorgathen, ratified the agreed volumes that had already transpired on Monday at the meeting of the two companies and that are below the needs of that market.

He explained that this is also negotiated with the Brazilian market. “We have closed with a volume of 7.5 MMmcd with the Argentine market with the intention of reaching 12 Mmmcd during the winter. This is still in technical work, since we need to send the remaining gas, against seasonality, to Brazil,” the authority said.

He added that this will be for two months because the Argentine market consumes less gas during the summer and increases its demand in winter.

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“As YPFB and Integración Energética Argentina Sociedad Anónima (IEASA) we consider that we are two sister countries, we have a market, a contract in common and we are working hard to generate this seasonality”, stated the president of YPFB.

As of October 22, 2021, the volumes shipped by Bolivia were below the contract. Even on October 23, only 5.7 MMmcd were injected and 6.8 MMmcd on October 27.

The fifth addendum established a minimum delivery of eight MMmcd from October to December 2021.

On November 5, YPFB, in a statement, admitted lower shipments due to some inconveniences in reaching the committed levels due to an operational failure in one of the wells in the Margarita field, the MGR-X3ST, which is one of the most productive in the country.

In Argentina they expected to negotiate the sixth addendum on a base offer of 12 MMmcd.

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