YPF increased fuels by 4% as agreed by the oil companies with the Government

YPF service stations will continue to accept payment by credit card

The 1,600 YPF service stations throughout the country will not have changes in their credit card operations.

The oil company YPF reported this Tuesday that its network, made up of more than 1,600 service stations throughout the country, will continue to accept credit card payments since to date there were no problems with this payment method.

This way, “The entire network of YPF service stations has the benefit of early accreditation of operations carried out with Visa and Mastercard cards”, said the official statement of the company.

This situation allows operators receive accreditation within 48 business hours, and also have a discounted transaction fee of 1.3% within the framework of an agreement between YPF and the data processing company.

In this sense, the company “ensures the profitability of service station operators and makes it easier for its customers to buy fuel through the acceptance of all payment methods, among other benefits.”

This ad is framed in the recent claim made by the Confederation of Hydrocarbons and Related Trade Entities of the Argentine Republic (Cecha), due to accreditation terms and commissions set by credit card issuers.

Among the main claims, the entity demands that the amount impact within 48 to 72 hours, and in turn, review the commission they charge for sales operated at service stations, where together with taxes they reach 1.5 to 1.8%.

In this context, one of the main federations that make up Cecha It has a favorable court ruling in the first instance for the province of Santa Fe, which substantially reduces both the tariff to 0.5% and the refund to three days.

The Confederation called on legislators to “take action on the matter” and promote the modification of the card law, “definitely establishing a ceiling of 0.5% of the tariff for payment operations with credit cards, regardless of the bank or the issuing entity, and that the accreditation be reduced to 48/72 hours”.

Nevertheless, In case of not meeting this demand, the entity has been warning that the stations that make it up will stop receiving credit cards as a form of payment as of February 1, 2023.

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