Youth elections of the National Party: 600 lists and more than 25 thousand candidates

Youth elections of the National Party: 600 lists and more than 25 thousand candidates

With a total of 600 ballot papers and more than 25,000 candidates presented throughout the country, the deadline for registering the voting lists before the Departmental Electoral Commissions of the 19 departments, which will participate in the next national elections of Youth of the National Party on October 29.

In compliance with the party electoral regulations, at the twelfth hour of this September 29, the established term ended. The National Electoral Commission, appointed by the Directory, proceeded to survey the data provided by each department. Once the information was corroborated, the president of the Party, Pablo Iturralde, and the president of the National Youth Commission, Armando Casteingdebat, were notified. They were waiting for the information at the Party House together with a group of young people. In his message, Iturralde thanked the work of all the members of the Departmental Electoral Commissions, the strength of the young militancy and the achievement of increasing the number of lists and candidates that appeared in the vote on October 29.

For his part, Castaingdebat, highlighted the important support of the young militants from all over the country, assuming once again, he said, the commitment to continue and strengthen their political participation within the Party, demonstrating the advancement of the force created by the new generations of the National Party is the largest and most committed.

Completed this new instance towards the national elections of the Youth, on October 29, in the next few days the National Circuit Plan will be announced.

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