Two Venezuelans are murdered in Tolima, Colombia

A Venezuelan woman is murdered in Santa Marta

A woman Venezuelan identified as Sabrina Lionza Pérez Vázquez, 28, was murdered with a firearm by unknown assailants on a motorcycle in the south of Santa Marta, Colombia.

The attack was recorded at 9:00 p.m. this Thursday in the Villa Betel 1 neighborhood, Paso Nivel sector, reported the website of The Herald.

According to preliminary information from the Police, a person who lived with the Venezuelan heard the sound of three gunshots and the thud as something falls to the ground. So she went out and found the lifeless body.

Likewise, the authorities indicated that Pérez Vázquez received a call on his cell phone, which was left on by his side after he went to the door of the house and was shot in the head and chest by unidentified men.

To their astonishment, residents of the sector gave notice to the Policeman who arrived to verify what happened and to cordon off the scene.

During the judicial inspection carried out by the Mobile Laboratory of Criminalistics of the CTI of the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office, they found three 9mm caliber vanilla.

The investigators in charge began work to establish the motives for the crime and the capture of those responsible.

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