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Young Venezuelan Catholics will meet with Pope Francis in Portugal

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A delegation of more than 160 young Catholics from different states of the countrytraveled to Europe to meet with the Pope Francisco in the World Youth Day, to take place in the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, and star in the task of bringing brotherhood and raising the flag of peace through faith in God that characterizes Venezuelans.

This was reported from the Maiquetía airport, in the state of La Guaira, by the secretary of the Manresa Catholic Movement, Duben Goat, noting that every three years there is a meeting with the Pope in different parts of the world, and where thousands of pilgrims from various countries will share to strengthen faith in the peoples of the planet.

“This year he played in Portugal and we are very happy to say that we have 166 young Venezuelans who are represented in different ways, not only young people but also representatives of our Catholic Church,” he explained to Venezuelan Television (VTV).

The father Numa Molina, who accompanies the youth delegation, reported that the brotherhood and the principles and values ​​of the people of Venezuela is an example of resistance and peaceful overcoming of various conflicts.

He commented that it is the first time that young indigenous people from the Venezuelan ethnic groups will travel, in a demonstration that it is possible to work in common with the Venezuelan church and the State. “That had never happened, 34 young people from our indigenous ethnic groups who are going to Portugal and who are also going to return to tell about that beautiful experience”, she highlighted.

He also explained that “a group of brothers and sisters from the Episcopal Conference who opened the doors for us to work together, so that we -me, as a priest and liaison between the government and the Episcopal Conference- and that group of brothers could achieve this meeting and that we also achieve this great support from the State”.

According to what was reported, young Venezuelans will participate in various missions, such as visiting communities, hospitals, schools and family care centers, to carry the message of Almighty God and make the sacred word alive.

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