Young man puts his virginity up for sale in exchange for a ticket to Bad Bunny’s concert (+ VIDEO)

For several days now, a great stir has been caused by the recently announced tour that the famous Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny will give in 2022, both in the United States and Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Recently, what has attracted the most attention is the reaction of hundreds of Bad Bunny fans and what they have been able to do in order to get a ticket for one of his concerts, which, for the most part, sold out in a matter of minutes.

In Mexico, for example, we heard about people who lined up for a ticket or those who were willing to do anything to get the money to buy one.

On the subject, a video that was taken on the streets of Guayaquil, Ecuador, has now gone viral, where an 18-year-old girl was captured carrying a pink cardboard in her hand and in which she wrote that she was willing to sell her virginity with so as to get a ticket for the Bad Bunny concert that he will give next November in the city of Quito.

It was the driver of a vehicle who captured the teenager and her unique message and shared it on networks with the following title: “This is what happens in my beautiful Ecuador.”

The driver approached the young woman who was carrying the sign to ask her a series of questions, including if what her sign said was true, to which she answered yes, between laughs, assuring that she is willing to do anything for go to the Bad Bunny concert because she is a “superfan” of the singer.

“It’s a unique concert and I want my ticket, I want to meet Bad Bunny,” the teenager reiterated.

Then, the driver of the car asks her age and the young woman answers that she is 18 years old and tells him that her parents do not want to give her the money to go to the concert because “they say that they always consent to me and that they are not going to do this to me.” consent, then I want my money.”

In addition, he indicated that he wants a ticket that is very close to the stage so that he can have more access” to the artist.

Similarly, when they asked him why he didn’t work to be able to buy the ticket, he indicated that he didn’t because he was too lazy to work and that, furthermore, he is not ashamed of what he is doing.

The man insisted to the young woman that she should value herself and she asks him if he is willing to accept her claims and he tells her no, that he is recording her to give a message to society. The young woman insists that she is not doing anything wrong, that it is for a “good cause” and she leaves, apparently angry.

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