Young accused of abusing a three-month-old baby in the Atlantic was released

Young accused of abusing a three-month-old baby in the Atlantic was released

This Wednesday, a judge with guarantee control functions in Barranquilla ordered the immediate release of a 17-year-old minor who had been apprehended by the authorities after being accused of sexually abusing and causing the death of his stepdaughter, a three-month-old baby. born.

The events were recorded on May 30 in the municipality of Galapa, metropolitan area of ​​the capital of Atlántico.

RCN Mundo Barranquilla contacted the lawyer Iván Arnache, who assured that Legal Medicine maintained that it was a natural disease and not sexual abuse. The forensic institute also maintained that there were no physical attacks on the minor’s body.

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Likewise, Legal Medicine says that the baby died of intestinal and pulmonary failure, but not of sexual abuse committed by her stepfather, who was interned in the El Oasis detention center in Soledad.

And it is that, after the case, the authorities in the Atlantic and at the national level spoke as the national director of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, Lina Arbeláez, who announced all the accompaniment to the family.

“That a girl of only three months of age arrives at the hospital of that municipality without vital signs and with evidence of physical abuse in her body and possible sexual violence, is totally objectionable and we reject it completely”, Said the official at the time.

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At the time, he announced that “the Family Police Station is the administrative authority in charge of the case; Likewise, we are verifying the rights of the other minor who was in the family nucleus and we seek to protect her and accompany the family so that it becomes a true protective environment.”

For his part, after the occurrence of the events, the mayor of the municipality of Galapa, José Fernando Vargas, deeply regretted the events recorded and requested maximum sentence for the teenagerwho has already been apprehended by the authorities, while the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office is carrying out investigations into the case.

“It is a reprehensible fact that deserves the rigor of the law for those responsible”, noted the president and expressed that this type of situation is outrageous in which a young man acts with savagery and cruelty against a baby who is just beginning to see the day light.

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