Man dies after ingesting sexual stimulant in Moca

You say it

No one will say the words you don’t say, nor could they accurately explain what your heart feels, speaking is our responsibility, speaking well is our privilege. Let’s face it. Waiting for someone to decode your feelings or needs in a gesture, when it has been a long and complicated process, is unfair to the other. Silence resolves that part where anger or bitterness can take advantage, but it will never work as blackmail or manipulation; the silence that waits for the right moment out of cowardice is disastrous. The Bible declares that “as a golden apple with figures of silver is the word spoken in time” Proverbs 25:11. Words are life, destiny, balm, they connect abysses and build worlds. Don’t talk to shut up mouths, do it to break down walls, make paths, heal hearts and sweep boundaries.

The entrance You say it was first published in The Caribbean Newspaper.

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