“Hay que estar en la piel de una madre desesperada viendo que su hijo se desvanece “

“You have to be in the shoes of a desperate mother watching her son vanish”

CDMX, Mexico.- The mother Rosanne Castro denounced on her Facebook profile how the deficiencies and lack of care in the Cuban health system put the life of her baby, just over a year old, at risk.

In a publication of Facebook The Internet user recounted the negligence suffered by her and her son, who despite the strange symptoms he presented and his young age did not find care in two hospitals in Havana.

It all began in the early hours of February 2, when Rosanne went with the little one to the Gyneco-obstetric Teaching Hospital of Guanabacoa “La Fátima”. They did not check him there, although the minor had a 40° fever with a change in coloration of his feet, hands and lips.


“They only asked me the age of the child and when they found out that he was over a year old, they told me that they could not attend to him,” said the mother.

Then by her own means, in the middle of the night, she took her desperate son to Hospital Pediatric Center Havana. Instead of doing tests to find out the origin of the symptoms, they sent him home with plenty of fluids.

On day four, seeing that his son was not improving and the previous symptoms were adding to his breathing problems, Castro returned with his son to the pediatrician. “They sent him amoxicillin and he went home again.”

Two days later, she had to return to the hospital again because the baby had nosebleeds, and her fingers had turned purple, almost black.

"You have to be in the shoes of a desperate mother watching her son vanish"

“This time they do leave it entered in observations. Now, I say and ask, if something happens to my son due to poor care, due to the carelessness of the doctors who are supposed to be trained to care for the patient, give them first aid and take care of their health… who are supposed to should I do? questioned Castro, who pointed out that the slogan of Cuba as a medical power is a facade.

“Then they dictate to us about worms and financed but you have to be in the skin of a desperate mother watching her son fade in her arms… You only have to be in that skin to feel all the agony and despair,” concluded Rosanne.

Sadly, complaints from mothers are common, blaming the Cuban health system. In some cases, negligence has ended the lives of their children.

Just at the beginning of this February, Gladis Capote, a member of the opposition organization Ladies in White and great-aunt of a three-year-old girl, confirmed that the little girl died on February 1. The cause of it: there were no basic medicines to treat it.

“Due to a lack of beds and oxygen in the hospitals in Havana, they send her to a hospital in Matanzas and she dies on the journey,” Capote wrote.

On the other hand, last March, a six-year-old girl died in the Mella municipality, Santiago de Cuba province, after she convulsed for three hours without an ambulance appearing to take her to a hospital, denounced a relative of the little girl. on the social network of Facebook.

According to the annual balance of Archivo Cuba, at least 83 Cubans died in 2021 due to causes attributable to the State. However, the figure represents an underreporting given the lack of official statistics.

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