Rapid malaria tests are distributed in Yanomami lands

Rapid malaria tests are distributed in Yanomami lands

Six thousand rapid tests for detecting malaria are being distributed to communities in the Yanomami territory. The information was released by the Ministry of Health (MOH), through a press release.Rapid malaria tests are distributed in Yanomami lands

According to the ministry, the tests will initially be distributed to six areas of the indigenous territory: Auaris, Surucucu, Missão Catrimani, Maloca Paapiú, Kataroa and Waphuta. The tests should be used in the entire population of these territories, during an action by health agents. Even asymptomatic patients will be tested.

The plan was drawn up by the Yanomami Emergency Operations Center (COE), due to the importance of quickly diagnosing cases of contamination.

On a recent visit to the Catrimani Mission, the Secretary of Indigenous Health (Sesai), Ricardo Weibe Tapeba, highlighted that the health teams “are very engaged throughout the territory, but report a lack of slides for testing and monitoring malaria, for example . And the disease is a great demand in the region”.

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