"You don't call me anymore", a flirtation with art

“You don’t call me anymore”, a flirtation with art

The artist’s voice is immersed in soft electronic sounds, recounting the lack of love in a relationship. The theme is illustrated with a video clip directed by Walt Hermosa, where Mauri Román and Maxi Bonnin also appear, who were producer and collaborator, respectively, in this work by Mary Q.

The breakup and the internal process that one of the parties must endure in a relationship that ends, is the center around which this theme composed in lyrics and music by María Quevedo together with Maxi Bonnin (Cabo Maya) revolves.

When listening to the song, we find that the first line refers to a song by the Argentine band Knowing Russia, which says ‘baby, let’s go to the beach’ and in this way Mary’s inspiration starts, flirting with ideas that highlight its main artists and main influences.

Mauri Román was the producer and in charge of mixing “Ya No Me Llamas”. The recording was made between September and November 2021 at the Ciudad Nueva Studio in Asunción. It was mastered by Daniel Ovie in Argentina.

That post-breakup time, of loneliness and being with oneself, is reflected in the cover art that shows the singer alone, curled up and waiting to heal. Similarly, the video clip, scripted and directed by Walt Hermosa, reflects the restlessness and anxiety in the face of time that does not pass, the different spaces that are traveled and the places where peace is sought.

The musicians who accompanied him in this production are: on keyboards, Maxi Bonnin, bass, Chino Corvalán, drums and guitar, Mauri Román. María was also in charge of the guitar, in addition to providing the voice on the song.
“Ya No Me Llamas” is available on all digital platforms.

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