Yina Calderón and her troubles talking about the surgeries and bodies of other 'influencers', now the fight is with 'La Jesu' and LIna Tejeiro

Yina Calderón and her troubles talking about the surgeries and bodies of other ‘influencers’, now the fight is with ‘La Jesu’ and LIna Tejeiro

Yina Calderón, La Jesu and Lina Tejeiro

The instagrammer commented on a recent surgery that her colleague underwent.

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Yina Calderón had an exchange of words with the instagrammer ‘The Jesus’ and the actress Lina Tejeiro, after the former ‘Protagonist of Novel’ commented on a surgery that the young woman from Cali underwent.

For the opita, the recent surgery that was performed on the face ‘The Jesus’ It didn’t turn out so well in his opinion.

“I hope my face doesn’t stay like this,” he said.

“Be careful with what you are injecting,” Yina Calderón recommended to her colleague after the result she showed on her networks.

Given these statements, the recently operated young woman expressed the following:

“Today I don’t feel like putting people who wander aimlessly through life in their place, wanting to leave other people’s work on the floor. As soon as I find myself a bit better, I share my reflection on these empty comments, “he replied ‘The Jesus’.

“It wasn’t that big of a deal… that’s what happens to me for being so sincere…” Calderón said.

“Just if his face is going to look like this, he threw it at him… forgive me for the sincerity,” Yina added.

“With biopolymers you have to be careful,” he said.

Lina Tejeiro came out in defense of La Jesu and commented: “I think the Gasca brothers missed a circus clown.”

To these words, Yina Calderón responded as follows: “I prefer to be a circus clown and not a clown who goes after her ex-boyfriend, when he doesn’t stop her and barely looks for her for a while… but he doesn’t show her.”

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that Calderón has commented on cosmetic surgeries on celebrities.

The last time he had done it was about Andrea Valdiri, with whom he had a discussion similar to the one he now faces with Tejeiro and La Jesu.

Cover photo: @yinacalderon

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