Yes, there will be a tax on sugary drinks and ultra-processed foods

Yes, there will be a tax on sugary drinks and ultra-processed foods

The appointed Minister of Finance, José Antonio Ocampo, confirmed that the tax reform, which will be presented to Congress of the republic, yes it will include the tax on the sugary drinks and ultra-processed foods.

The beverage yes and the ultra-processed food”, Ocampo told the media.

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The José Alvear Restrepo Collective (Cajar) He asked the government of the elected president, Gustavo Petro, and the elected vice president, Francia Márquez, to include the tax on sweetened beverages.

They argue that this tax “seeks to discourage the consumption of this sweet poison that does a lot of harm to children and adolescents, who are the ones who drink the most soft drinks, sweetened juices and flavored waters in public and private schools“.

Cajar has denounced that the consumption of productultra-processed edible or drinkable products, commonly known as ‘fast food’, It has an impact on the suffering of chronic non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular problems and some types of cancer, whose treatment, they say, costs public finances an annual expenditure of about 25 billion pesos.

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Nevertheless, Luis Carlos Reyes, the appointed director of the Dian, He said a few days ago that the implementation of taxes on sugary drinks and cell phone plans would not be proposed, as the appointed ministers of Health and Culture, respectively, had mentioned.

Reyes explained that “the finances of ordinary Colombians” will not be touched and that, on the contrary, they will be discussed “all the possibilities that are on the table, always keeping in mind that the working class person should not be charged one more peso in taxes“. And, in that order of ideas, he assured that, if the tax on sugary drinks “touch the pocket of the Colombian on foot“, would not propose.

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The appointed director affirmed that what is sought with the new tax reform is protect finances of the middle class and the lower class.

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