Marita Barreto's Special Team opens an investigation for money laundering against Yenifer Paredes

Yenifer Paredes: Judicial Power evaluates 36 months of preventive detention against Pedro Castillo’s sister-in-law this Sunday

The will evaluate this Sunday, August 21, the request of the of 36 months of preventive detention against the sister-in-law of President Pedro Castillo, .

The hearing in which the request of the Public Ministry will be held will be held in the Third National Preparatory Investigation Court of the National Superior Court from 4:00 p.m.

The aforementioned request was made last Friday, August 19, as reported by James Reátegui, representative of the Prosecutor’s Office, during the appeal hearing on the preliminary arrest of Paredes Navarro before the Second Criminal Appeals Chamber of the National Superior Court.

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The petition also reaches the mayor of Anguía, José Nenil Medina Guerrero. He and the president’s sister-in-law are being investigated for allegedly being part of a criminal organization, for which they were preliminarily detained since last week, along with the brothers Hugo and Anggi Espino Lucana.

Hawthorn Brothers

In the case of the Espino brothers, accused as figureheads of a criminal organization whose leader would be President Pedro Castillo, they decided to take advantage of effective collaboration and narrated before the prosecutor Marita Barreto how said structure worked.

The two would have recognized that behind the installation of the drinking water and basic sanitation system of more than S / 3 million that they earned in Anguía, were Yenifer Paredes and Mayor José Medina.

Likewise, Hugo Espino’s lawyer, Juan Carlos Ramos, confirmed this and stated that his client has provided “Quality information”, part of which has already been corroborated during the ten days that the preliminary detention lasted, which will serve as the basis to support the preventive detention against Paredes Navarro.

My sponsored has provided information in a timely and quality manner that will help reveal this corruption plot that we all already know and that has been partially accredited, having provided data, we are talking about bribes”, he told Channel N.


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