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Yellow, red, blue or purple? what color to wear for New Year?

Yellow, red, blue or purple? what color to wear for New Year?

December 27, 2022, 9:30 PM

December 27, 2022, 9:30 PM

Love, abundance, health and prosperity are some of the desires that many seek to fulfill in the New Year and choose the color that attracts them. Underwear, dresses, T-shirts, shirts, pants, even handkerchiefs have to be in tune with the wishes that are formulated.

Psychologists Daniel Fernández and Javier Olivera agree in stating that colors play an important role in everyday life. They occupy a large part in daily work, even small color changes can make a big difference.

For this reason, for many, wearing a garment or a pair of shoes with a specific color is highly relevant.

​Green: this color attracts health, stability and luck in business.

Red: It is the color of love and sensuality. Using it is synonymous with living with joy, courage and strength.

White: the color symbol of peace, purity and health.

Yellow: It is the color to attract luck in money, with great energy power. It also symbolizes joy and relaxation.

Black: Many associate it with evil forces, but it is the absence of color and symbolizes independence and power, it represents one’s own dignity.

Golden: Like yellow, it is perfect for attracting money and wealth.

Silver: the color that attracts success, fun and new emotions. It also symbolizes innovation and all that is modern.

Blue: attracts tranquility, harmony and serenity.

Pink: represents self-love and promotes romanticism, affection and self-esteem.

Orange: transmits joy and stimulates enthusiasm.

purple or purple: are colors of intuition. It is ideal for those looking for answers during the coming year. It is a good time to empty your mind and discover which is the best path to walk.

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