They call for a public consultation to acquire 96 cars for Line B of the subway

They call for a public consultation to acquire 96 cars for Line B of the subway

The CAF 6000 cars purchased from the Madrid Metro and which contained asbestos among their components will be replaced.

The state-owned company Subterráneos de Buenos Aires (SBASE) launched this Tuesday a public consultation process to convene rolling stock manufacturing companies, with a view to the future purchase of 16 formations with 96 cars for Line B.

This was reported by SBASE on a resolution published in the Official Gazette tending to receive “observations and suggestions” for the acquisition of trains that will ultimately replace the 60-year-old Mitsubishi fleet.

The renewal will be on Line Bthe same one in which the purchase was denounced, in 2013, by the Buenos Aires Government, during the management of Mauricio Macri, of CAF 6000 cars to the Madrid Metro that contained asbestos among its components.

The situation is part of the claims currently maintained by the Subway and Premetro Workers Union Association that, with different measures of force, sues Horacio Rodríguez Larreta for the change of the fleets contaminated with the carcinogenic substance prohibited since 2001.

According to the official resolution, “the purchase in question includes the acquisition of 16 formations of six cars each, in total, 96 cars” and explains that “the proposed call consists of preparing a ‘Data Room’ with information and preliminary documents detailing the technical specifications of the rolling stock to be acquired”.

However, he adds that “Any observation or suggestion presented by the interested parties will be of a collaborative nature and will be analyzed by its technical rolling stock team, who will have the power to receive them totally or partially or discard them without expressing justification or cause”.

“The ‘Data Room aims to improve the technical quality of the specifications, with the participation of experts and potential interested parties in the tender, as a step prior to launching it,” the state company said in a statement.

Interested parties may download the information regarding the draft for free from the web: send observations or suggestions until February 13.

The information, meanwhile, will also be disseminated in delegations of the European Union and in the embassies of the US, Canada, Poland, Spain, France, China, Brazil, Japan, South Korea and Germany given that “the large companies that supply rolling stock that are experts in the matter are foreigners”.

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