They assassinate a construction unionist in Píritu

They assassinate a construction unionist in Píritu

Unknown subjects murdered Manuel Antonio Goitia Carpabire, 61, a union leader who was coordinator of the Bolivarian Union of Workers (UBT), linked to the construction of the Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho highway.

The ambush occurred around 11 in the morning this Tuesday, December 27, on Libertad street in the El Tejar de Píritu subdivision, when Goitia Carpabire was riding a motorcycle to his house, located on Democracia street in the same sector.

According to preliminary versions, the unionist was surprised a block before his residence by the subjects, and the barbecue man fired several shots at him, before fleeing the scene of the crime.

It was learned that Goitia was an employee of the Píritu mayor’s office and that he managed job vacancies in the road project that the national government is carrying out in the Píritu-Boca de Uchire section.

Officials from the Scientific, Criminal and Forensic Investigation Corps of the Puerto Píritu subdelegation carried out the removal of the body, but there is no official information on the case.

It transpired that the body was transferred in the first instance to the morgue of the Pedro Gómez Rollingson hospital in Píritu, where four bullet wounds were observed: 2 in the left cheekbone, 1 in the pectoral region and the other in the lower lip.

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