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The parents of two German girls wanted in Paraguay on Wednesday asked the couple who traveled with them to our country without prior authorization from them to do “the right thing” and go to the authorities.

Source: EFE

“End this extremely stressful situation for everyone. Please demonstrate,” said lawyer Stephan Schultheiss, who read an open letter to the press on behalf of the parents looking for their daughters.

The message was released on behalf of Anne Maja Reiniger-Egler, mother of 10-year-old Clara Magdalena Egler, and Filip Blank, father of 11-year-old Lara Valentina Blank.

“Do the right thing. Manifest yourself with us or with the authorities”, added the message.

The jurist revealed in a press conference that Andreas Rainer Egler, 45, and Anna Maria Egler, 35, who traveled to Paraguay with the girls without the authorization of their ex-partners, broadcast a video through Telegram addressed to different media Germans, in which they demand to stop the search undertaken.

Andreas Rainer Egler -father of Clara Magdalena- and Anna Maria Egler -mother of Lara Valentina- entered Paraguay on November 27, 2021, without informing the other parents of the girls of this transfer.

According to the lawyer, the couple demands in the video that their clients “agree to abandon and leave their daughters behind.”

In addition, he regretted that the parents “barely recognize the girls in the video.”

“The search process will be processed independently of the will of our clients,” added the letter, also signed by Ingo Bott, a lawyer for the parents in Germany.

In the letter they clarify that their clients “are not interested in obtaining a sentence”, and they are interested in a solution “that allows everyone a future in peace and a return to normal life”.

They remember that the departure of the girls from their country was not previously agreed upon with the other parents, who, for half a year, “have had to live with a lot of worry and pain.”

About the video, the lawyer assured that the girls “are totally changed”, with dyed hair and thinner.

“You can see that they are very distressed,” the lawyer added when asked by the journalists.

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