Yacht Flying Fox attracts dozens of people

The Flying Fox luxury yacht belonging to Russian businessman Dmitry Kamenshchik, and allegedly held by the United States for the sanctions for the invasion of Ukraine, is a sensation for dozens of people, including tourists who circulate in the surroundings of Puerto San Souci of Santo Domingo.

The Flying Fox luxury yacht belonging to Russian businessman Dmitry Kamenshchik is a sensation for dozens of people who circulate around the San Souci port in Santo Domingo.

Dominicans as well as foreigners who travel around the port, specifically on Barceló Avenue, take out their cell phones and take photos when they are shocked by the sight of the colossal ship, which is considered one of the most luxurious pleasure yachts in the world.

Yesterday, in the middle of a hot sun, towards 2:00 in the afternoon, passers-by, motorists, “pasoleros” stopped at the place. In fact, some vehicle drivers parked on the avenue, caught up in the charm of the luxurious ship.

“It’s an impression, you don’t see that every day,” said María Isabel when journalists from elCaribe asked her what was the reason for her sudden stop, after parking the jeep in which she was riding with her husband and daughter to take pictures.

The lady, who did not get out of the vehicle, added another expression that was accompanied by a smile “and the fourth it costs (the boat)”. And it is not for less, since the Imperial Yachts company rents the boat for a minimum fee of US$3.5 million per week, according to the EFE agency.

According to that international news agency, the Flying Fox is 136 meters long and, among other facilities, has eleven cabins, a 12-meter swimming pool, a heliport, a two-story 400-square-meter spa, and a cinema.

Yacht Flying Fox attracts dozens of people
The ship has become a tourist attraction.

“It’s the boom” of the moment

The expression “that is not seen every day” was reproduced in others consulted by this means and selfies were the types of photography chosen by those who wanted to be part of that historic moment.

An example of this was a couple (a Dominican and a Venezuelan), where the woman (who reserved her name) “went crazy” with charm trying to climb the wall that surrounds the Ozama River while taking selfies. “It is a yacht that is really from the Russian oligarchy that one has to know about it.”, She maintained, while she looked at Melvin Arreal, her spouse.

Arreal, who has lived in the country for four years, said that “everyone comments on (the ship); it’s the boom.” He suggests that “10 boats should stop in each part of the island” to encourage tourism.

The yacht, which arrived at the port of San Soucí from La Romana (where it made its first entry), intended to leave Dominican territory last Monday, but was prevented at the request of the United States government.

Says Flying Fox case is in the hands of Customs

The Navy of the Dominican Republic disassociated itself from the alleged investigations involving the luxury yacht Flying Fox anchored in the San Diego terminal of the San Soucí port in the capital, according to information provided by Noticias SIN. Captain Augusto Lizardo, head of the Public Relations Division of the Navy, pointed out that this case is in charge of the General Directorate of Customs.

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