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Xi Jinping calls for unity as China enters new phase of anti-Covid policy

Xi Jinping calls for unity as China enters new phase of anti-Covid policy

the chinese president, Xi Jinpingcalled for more effort and unity as the country enters a “new phase” in its approach to combating the pandemic on Saturday, in his first remarks to the Chinese public on the Covid-19 since his government reversed course three weeks ago and relaxed its rigorous policy of lockdowns and mass testing.

In a televised address to mark the New Year, Xi said China had overcome unprecedented difficulties and challenges in the battle against Covid-19, and its policies were “optimized” as the situation and time required.

“Since the outbreak of the epidemic… most of the teams and the masses, especially the medical staff, the rank-and-file workers have faced difficulties and bravely persevered,” Xi said.

“At present, the prevention and control of the epidemic is entering a new phase, it is still a time of struggle, everyone perseveres and works hard, and the dawn is yet to come. Let’s work harder, persistence means victory, and the Unity means victory.”

Earlier this month, Beijing scrapped its signature zero-Covid approach of mass testing, centralized quarantine and lockdowns, which it had maintained for nearly three years.

The policy change has sparked a wave of infections across the country, a further drop in economic activity and international concern, with Britain and France becoming the latest countries to impose restrictions on travelers from China.

China’s decision to abandon the zero Covid policy aligned it with a world that has largely reopened to live with the virus.

The move followed unprecedented public outcry over the policy advocated by Xi, marking the strongest show of public defiance in his decade-long presidency and coinciding with grim growth figures for the world’s second-largest economy.

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