Cuban government congratulates the new foreign minister of China

The minister of Cuban Foreign RelationsBruno Rodríguez Parrilla, congratulated this Friday the recently appointed chancellor of ChinaQin Gang, and ratified the will of the island’s government to deepen bilateral relations.

Through his Twitter account, the head of Cuban diplomacy explained to his Chinese counterpart his wishes to deepen “the historic and special relationship that unites both countries“, according to a report from the agency Latin Press (PL).

The government of the Asian nation had named Quin Gang hours before as the new foreign minister, replacing Wang Yi, who had held that position since 2013.

According to the outlet, the announcement was made through a “concise” information broadcast on national television, in which no details were provided about the future responsibilities of Foreign Minister Yi, who in 2018 had been appointed as State Councilor and Vice Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

The new minister was born in Tianjin, is 55 years old and since 1988 has been linked to diplomacy. He has held different positions within the Foreign Ministry and in Chinese missions abroad.

He served as vice foreign minister from 2018 until his appointment last year as China’s ambassador to the United States.

From that role, he strongly rejected the visit to Taiwan made last August by the then Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

He is a staunch supporter of the “One China” vision and at the time expressed that “…Achieving reunification is the firm and strong will of the entire Chinese nation. China’s national sovereignty cannot be violated. The Chinese people cannot be humiliated. The reunification of China cannot be stopped.”

Then he considered that the Taiwan question should not be confused with the Ukraine conflict. The Taiwan question is China’s internal affair.” remember the channel Telesur in his web page.

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