World Entrepreneurship Day: What did the pandemic teach us about digitization?

World Entrepreneurship Day: What did the pandemic teach us about digitization?

This April 16 is celebrated . Social confinement and the COVID-19 pandemic tested the entrepreneurial spirit of Peruvians who, in the midst of the crisis, found opportunities to overcome obstacles and raise their heads. Therefore, this date is very significant to strengthen the business sector and recognize the spirit of thousands of people with creative and productive ideas in the field.

“Undoubtedly, for many Peruvian entrepreneurs, the socioeconomic crisis caused by the pandemic has been one of the most difficult challenges to face. However, the courage and resilient spirit that characterizes them has allowed them to innovate their ideas and their implementation. One of the essential tools for your business recovery process has been technology”points Renzo León-Velarde, general manager of Digiflow now offered by Peru Factura, a web platform for electronic invoicing of the with 3 months free.

The expert recognizes four lessons of digitization that were strengthened by the pandemic:

Electronic billing

This solution increases business profitability since it optimizes time, cost and work of companies.

Among the benefits obtained with the adaptation of the invoicing, the reduction of laborious documentation processes at a large volume, control of expenses by reducing the consumption of paper and couriers, and the increase in business prestige by reinforcing the possibilities of a better credit history.


System for buying and selling services and products through the Internet.

Being a business that manages collections and payments through electronic means, it allows you to increase the number of customers no matter where they are in the world.

Likewise, it is an ideal strategy for profitability and consumption since it is available to all customers 24 hours a day.

E-commerce strengthens the scalability of businesses by allowing sales to many customers at the same time.

Marketplaces on social networks

It is the digital platform that brings together several virtual stores that are committed to offering services or products through social networks.

Given that networks are consolidated as virtual spaces with large communities and fluidity of interaction, they are the perfect place to boost business.

Having detailed information on the services, possibilities of many forms of shipping and payment, as well as comparing prices with other stores are some of the advantages of marketplaces.

In addition to greater visibility, reach, simplicity and use of the brand.


It is based on building a wide network of contacts between companies and entrepreneurs with the aim of reinforcing and improving their image, brand and prestige.

It seeks to connect creative ideas with agents and representative channels so that they materialize.

In the case of entrepreneurs, Networking facilitates contact with investors so that innovative ideas come to fruition with the aim of generating new lines of communication, business and employment opportunities.

In this sense, it allows many entrepreneurs to consolidate their social capital, strengthen their financial structures and position themselves in the market.


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