Puente Salto de Jimenoa has not yet been renovated after 4 years of its collapse

Puente Salto de Jimenoa has not yet been renovated after 4 years of its collapse

SANTO DOMINGO.-Visitors leave Jarabacoa disappointed by not being able to see Salto de Jimenoa, since the bridge that gave access to this tourist attraction has not yet been renovated after its collapse about 4 years ago.

Dozens of people from different parts of the country travel hundreds of kilometers to enjoy this natural beauty, and upon reaching this destination they find information that the area remains closed.

Tourists leave disappointed

Last year the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, had announced that they would be carrying out the corresponding renovation work together with the Ministry of Public Works to improve the Salto de Jimenoa, but this work has not yet begun.

The residents of the municipality and the tourists ask the government that this bridge be repaired as soon as possible so that families can enjoy this wonderful waterfall.

“We ask the president to please repair this bridge, it is very disappointing to travel in vain from so far to see the jump,” says citizen Esmeralda Zabala who attended the scene.

Salto de Jimenoa is located within the municipality of Jarabacoa, a few kilometers from the province of La Vega, and is one of the highest waterfalls in the Dominican Republic.

Jarabacoa has offers for fun in air, water and land

Not only in the real estate area is the impact of Jarabacoa’s current growth being felt, but this is also generating greater movement in entertainment offers that are by land, air and water.

Here activities such as four-wheel drives, horseback riding, rafting and paragliding are generated, which are having better results as the number of visitors to the different areas of the municipality increases.

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