World Entrepreneurship Day: 4 effective tips to apply spiritual intelligence in my businesses

World Entrepreneurship Day: 4 effective tips to apply spiritual intelligence in my businesses

The spiritual is a concept that has been studied for 20 years, and there is much research that shows that more spiritually intelligent people have more capacity to choose the elevated self, over the ego in their daily life and maintain their peace in the margin of circumstances, thus contributing to their interpersonal relationships, greater health, less conflict and greater happiness.

In the business field, people with higher spiritual intelligence are better leaders, are happier with their lives, act ethically, generate more productivity and better retain their staff. Therefore, on World Entrepreneurship Day, David Fischman, author of Spiritual intelligence in practice (Editorial Planeta), gives us 4 tips to be an entrepreneur with spiritual intelligence:

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  • Master your ego: It is easy to identify a person captured by his ego showing his brilliance, by praising himself, overselling himself to others or constantly talking about his academic degrees. But displaying brilliance comes in more subtle ways as well. For example, when the boss has a micromanagement style that does not give any autonomy and wants to decide absolutely everything. If you are a leader, these actions only cause you to inflate your self-esteem to the extreme and do not strengthen your company.
  • Reject mega behaviors: It is convenient for all of us to become aware of those behaviors by which the ego expresses itself noisily because it ends up affecting third parties and ourselves. The first thing we must do is reject all these negative behaviors to have a better harmony in our lives and our businesses.
  • Avoid criticizing others: constantlyand we are scanning our environment to assess how competent we are and to see if there are threats to our sense of personal worth. But the conscious comparisons are not the ones that concern me, but rather the one in which we criticize others and judge them, even speaking badly about someone in the same job creates a bad work environment.
  • Be humble: Beyond what may be believed, to be humble requires high self-esteem and is a virtue, mentioned in all religions as a strength of character. Being humble will allow you to be open to learning and open to new ideas, feedback, asking for and listening to advice. This is essential to have harmony in a company.


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