What is the price of the sweet beans combos?

What is the price of the sweet beans combos?

Tens of supermarkets of nine commercial chains will sell combos of sweet beans East Thursday April 14 at 350 pesos, at the price of the Price Stabilization Institute (unexpected), with the aim that a large part of the population can acquire these products at lower prices.

The supermarkets that will offer these combos are El Nacional, Jumbo, Olé, Carrefour, Agrofem, Garrido, Iberia, El Encanto and La Fuente, located in different parts of the country and participating in the campaign “Buy at the price of unexpected at the supermarket”.

The combos contain an 800-gram package of red beans, a can of evaporated milk, coconut milk, raisins, a sachet of cinnamon, sweet cloves, a two-pound package of sugar, cookies and vanilla, for 350 pesos.

These products will also be marketed in detail and may vary according to availability.

Ivan Hernandez Guzman, director of the unexpectedexplained that more than 18,000 combos of sweet beans were sold from the beginning of the campaign in the markets of producers and mobile warehouses, and that they decided to extend sales to supermarkets of these large chains by order of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, to continue facilitating access to these products used to make the typical Dominican dish.

These sales are part of the campaign “Buy at the price of unexpected in the supermarket”, signed by the institution, the merchants and the General Directorate of General Strategic Projects of the Presidency.

The institution informed that consumers will also be able to purchase the combo that contains nine products from the basic basket such as select rice (10 pounds), pinto beans (800 grams), oil (16 ounces) and egg carton (30 units), among others, at a cost of 1,000 pesos.

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