Works progress in the primary zone of the Integration Bridge

On the Paraguayan side of the Integration Bridge, the access works for the primary zone of the new international bridge with Brazil are advancing.

The Ministry of Public Works (MOPC) reported that the works are being carried out for future access to the headquarters of the National Administration of Navigation and Ports (ANNP).

This road is part of the Eastern Metropolitan Corridor (CMDE) and will connect with the new international footbridge. This section is in charge of the Acaray Consortium and also includes the asphalt paving of 4.6 km in length in the district of Presidente Franco, department of Alto Paraná.

The Integration Bridge registers an advance of more than 90% to unite the two parts under construction from Paraguay and Brazil.

Subsequently, the works of a large-scale primary zone will be carried out, which will bring together heavy truck traffic to be exclusively through this road.

The Eastern Metropolitan Corridor will link the accesses to the new bridge with the existing road infrastructure that connects Ciudad del Este. In addition, a bridge will be built over the Monday River and the improvement of rural roads, which will benefit the towns of Presidente Franco, Ciudad del Este, Los Cedrales, Minga Guazú and Hernandarias, in Alto Paraná.

For rural access, a 4-lane paved road is planned (Lots 1 and 2) that will have an extension of 31 km. This new highway will connect with the new border crossing, and includes its intersection with National Route PY02.

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