Prosecutor's Office accuses the Interior Ministry of obstruction of justice

Prosecutor’s Office accuses the Interior Ministry of obstruction of justice

The fiscal coordinator of the Special Team of Prosecutors against the Corruption of Power, denounced before the head of the Public Ministry, that the Ministry of the Interior would not be collaborating with justice.

Through a report, sent this last Monday, July 25, Barreto details that there is obstruction of justice because the Interior sector does not speed up the procedures required by his office, which are important in his investigations.

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The document indicates that due attention was not given to the procedure, since it was as if it had not been read by Luis Enrique Herrera Romero, head of the Cabinet of Advisors of the Ministry of Inter. He details that after five days of starting the process, he was told that he was admitted at the wrong time, despite the fact that this institution verified it the same day, which “causes concern, even more so if to attend to two complaints and investigations of great corruption that would involve State officials, there is no real diligence and speed in simple administrative procedures.”

In addition, it states that “it encourages an unnecessary delay” and that “it intends to roll back a procedure after five days of not having responded to the request made in a timely manner by the Public Ministry, which could be interpreted as obstructionist conduct in the investigations.”

Subsequently, Luis Enrique Herrera Romero indicated on Channel N that he submitted his resignation letter on July 21, for which he was not aware of the document from the Prosecutor’s Office.


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