Works on the Los Alcarrizos cable car in the phase of reinforcing the ground

Men working at the Las Toronjas station, in the Savica sector.

Construction work on line two of the Santo Domingo Cable Car, located in the municipality of Los Alcarrizos, is currently in phase two of reinforcing the land, where the stops will be built.

From the entrance of the municipality, it was possible to appreciate the progress being made in what would be the first station, number six, with the construction of the footing.

In that same space, columns erected with iron and metals, as well as aided by wood, were displayed. In addition, in this place will be the warehouses of the 163 cabins, where they will also receive maintenance and protection.

Also, at the stop that leads to the La Toronja park, in the populous Savica sector, it was observed in the middle of drilling the soil, using excavation machinery. Subsequently, a metal structure will be introduced into the perforated space, which will make the floor more resistant.

According to information, this procedure is carried out since the land where the work is carried out is clayey and unstable.

Likewise, a staff was observed in supervision tasks and other workers eager in the tasks of this work.

This unmanned aerial transportation system, which will connect with Line II of the Santo Domingo Metro from the Kilometer 9 station of the Duarte Highway, began to materialize in June 2018, when the conditioning of the land began. This under the mandate of former President Danilo Medina Sánchez.

The cable car will have four stations: La Toronja, Puente Blanco, Los Alcarrizos and Los Americanos.

Municipalities witness the work

Yolanda Contreras, who lives in Barriolandia, located in the same municipality, expressed that she is happy with the implementation of this transport system in that demarcation, explaining that it is time for Alcarricenses to be able to move safely and outside the chaos that reigns in the whole area.

In front of Contreras’ house, a bollard is being built that will support the cables through which the Cable Car will pass.

“This always seemed like good news to me. People who live outside of here will be able to come without problems and without fear because there will be safe transportation that will change the aspect of all this here”, he commented.

By December 2023

The cable car is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year and will be operational by December 2023. It will have a garage to store the cabins, 25 pylons that will support the cable and a 138 kilowatt hour electrical substation that will guarantee the energy supply. of the project. This system can be traversed in 15 minutes.

Connection with Sto.Dgo will be facilitated. East and DN

With the implementation of the Cable Car in Los Alcarrizos, it will be possible to connect with the Santo Domingo Este municipality and with the National District. According to information, it will have a capacity of 4,500 passengers per hour in each direction. To this is added, and will allow the connection with other modes of transport, allowing the citizens of this area to travel to carry out their work, study, leisure and shopping activities in a quality, fast, comfortable, safe mode of transport, regular and with a low environmental impact.

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