Caixa releases consultation to extraordinary FGTS withdrawal

Workers born in October can withdraw up to R$1,000 from the FGTS

Workers born in October can now withdraw up to R$ 1 thousand from the accounts of the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) as of this date. fourththursday (1st). Caixa Econômica Federal will deposit the money in the digital savings account, used for the payment of social and social security benefits.Workers born in October can withdraw up to R$1,000 from the FGTS

Amounts can only be moved through the Caixa Tem app (available for Android and iOS operating systems), which allows bill payment Sunethics and making virtual purchases in establishments not affiliated. Caixa Tem also allows withdrawals from ATMs and transfers to third-party accounts.

In the entire payment schedule, approximately R$ 30 billion will be released to approximately 42 million workers with the right to withdraw. According to the calendar, released in March, the release of funds follows a schedule based on the month of birth. The money will be released in stages until 15th of Junewhen they receive those born in December.

The entire process to request the withdrawal will be computerized. The worker does not need to go to a Caixa branch, just enter the official FGTS application, available for smartphones and tabletsand enter the requested data.

However, the worker must be careful. Most will automatically receive the money in Caixa’s digital social savings account. However, in case of incomplete data that does not allow the opening of the digital account, the worker to haveto ask for the release of resources.

THE Brazil Agency prepared a reportage to explain how to make the extraordinary FGTS withdrawal

The application gives the option to apply for credit in a checking or savings account from any bank. The possibility, however, is only valid for those who agree to provide an official document with a photo to register the biometrics.


Another point that the worker needs to pay attention to is the withdrawal of money. Resources will be available until December 15th and will return to the linked FGTS account after that date, if the money is not spent, withdrawn or transferred to the current account.

Unmoved money will be refunded to the FGTS, with correction by the income of the Guarantee Fund corresponding to the period in which it was stopped in the digital savings account.


To find out if you will automatically receive the money or if you will need to request the withdrawal, the worker must make an appointment. The process can be done either in the site of the FGTS and in the FGTS application (available for Android and iOS operating systems).

The site only informs the release date and if the credit will be made automatically. The application has more features, such as consulting values, updating digital savings account data and requesting to undo the credit and keep the money in the FGTS account.

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