Women will have an annual day of leave to rule out breast and cervical cancer

Women will have an annual day of leave to rule out breast and cervical cancer

The Government promulgated the law that grants an annual day of paid leave for women in the public and private sectors, with the aim of discardingand cervix.

“Working women in public and private activities, including the National Police of Peru and the Armed Forces, have the right to one day a year of paid leave, when they attend breast cancer early detection exams and cervix”indicates the text of the standard.

The measure was approved by Law No. 31561, published today in the official newspaper El Peruano.

The rule also provides that public and private insurers incorporate in their insurance plans, according to the indication of the treating physician, the following:

  • Reconstructive surgery for breast cancer patients who have had a partial or total mastectomy.
  • Surgical procedures that contemplate the possibility of medical devices depending on the type of cancer suffered by the patient.
  • Specialized treatments that contribute to physical, psychological and psychiatric rehabilitation.

In addition, public or private health establishments establish a procedure for the priority care of patients with a cancer diagnosis.

On the other hand, the owner of the health establishment must designate a person responsible for the priority care of the patient with a cancer diagnosis. The Executive Branch within a maximum period of 60 calendar days to prepare the regulations of the law.


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