Woman who was recorded kicking her son was sent to jail

Woman who was recorded kicking her son was sent to jail

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A man decided to record his partner beating his children. The woman’s video went viral, hours after her case came to light, she was apprehended and this Thursday the justice sent her to a prison in the department of Cochabamba.

According to the man, he decided to record the video after the police did not listen to his complaints.

This Thursday afternoon, Damaris JG Ch., was sent to the San Sebastián prison with preventive detention, after the audiovisual was published in which she is seen assaulting one of her two children.

“He has been granted six months of preventive detention,” reported the father’s lawyer, who filed the complaint.

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The recording shows how the woman begins to kick and throw the child after the father (Alex H.) did not want to give her the cell phone. He said that he recorded the video after the police did not listen to his complaints.


The case is very complex. The man had a restraining order for a previous complaint against him that the woman filed.

“I was afraid that he would take my son, he denounced me, he wanted to put me in jail, I had no proof. She looked for me, we reconciled and we returned to live together, ”she explained.

According to Alex’s version, Damaris wanted to take his cell phone and asked the neighbors for help. When he calls for help, the neighbors come. “I managed to get the phone back from him and opened the door to the neighbors,” he told ATB.

This Thursday morning, the Government Minister, Eduardo del Castillo, reported that Damaris was being held at the EPI Alalay. “We hope that this degree of dehumanization and violence against a defenseless child will be punished with the full rigor of the law.”

The eldest is Damaris’s son and the baby was born as a result of the couple’s relationship. Alex said that last year she made a video showing how she threatened her four-year-old son with a knife. According to her version, she snatched the recording from him and reported him.

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