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Without water in the provincial prison of Pinar del Río since December 4, denounces a political prisoner

Havana Cuba. – From the maximum rigor Kilo 5 ½ penitentiary center, in Pinar del Río, the opponent, activist and political prisoner Jorge Luis Rodriguez Valdes denounces that the inmates of that facility do not have water to drink or for their other needs.

According to what was expressed by the activist in a telephone conversation, since 8:00 in the morning of December 4, the prison population has been without a water supply, which has resulted, among other problems, inmates going thirsty. , in addition to the fact that the bathrooms are practically unused, with an unbearable stench and full of feces and urine.

The activist also highlighted that this uncomfortable situation has been aggravated by the entry into the preventive detention area of ​​a number of new prisoners, who sleep on the floor on mattresses less than one meter wide.

Rodríguez Valdés, who is being held captive in area 2 of the provincial prison, held Captain Lázaro Domínguez Iglesias responsible for this violation of human rights, as well as the prison director, Lieutenant Colonel Yusmani Miranda Alonso.

The political prisoner expanded that the pretext used by the prison authorities for the lack of water is that “there is no oil.” He also explained that the water that this prison establishment needs must be brought by tanker trucks from the provincial capital, which is located about five kilometers from the facility, as well as food and other supplies must be transported from outside the prison. Regarding the lack of fuel, the prisoner assures that the prison bosses appropriate the oil for their particular needs.

The activist also stressed that hunger and lack of medicines are added to the above, and to illustrate, he described that lunch consists of 40 or 45 grams of rice with a white broth and a kind of minced fish (tench) full of thorns. Meanwhile, for lunch they are served a pasta that seems to be made with wheat flour.

The political prisoner believes that the purpose of the prison bosses is to make the prisoners leave their food so that they can use the leftovers to raise their pigs, since, according to what he maintains, all of them keep pigpens, an extremely lucrative business given the prices that has reached pork.

In a subsequent telephone call Jorge Luis Rodríguez Valdés, who is also a member of the Cuban Republican Party, denounced that First Lieutenant Wiliam Ibarra Padilla, head of a group in that prison, had beaten an inmate named Rafael, who is being held in prison. cubicle 18.

Rodríguez Valdés emphasized that the inmate did not give reasons for this punishment, but simply demanded his rights from the officer. He also added that the military used to physically mistreat many prisoners without the prison authorities applying any kind of disciplinary measure.

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