President Petro on the removal of Castillo: "He allowed himself to be led to political and democratic suicide"

President Petro on the removal of Castillo: "He allowed himself to be led to political and democratic suicide"

President Gustavo Petro referred to the serious political situation in Peru, after the dismissal of Pedro Castillo as president of that country.

“Pedro Castillo For being a professor in the Sierra and a popularly elected president, he was cornered from day one. He did not achieve the mobilization of the people who elected him, allowed himself to be led to political suicide and democratic Hopefully Peru finds the path of dialogue for its entire society,” he said.

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He also noted that “when I met Pedro Castillo they were trying to break into the government palace to arrest his wife and his daughter. Troubled, he received me. A parliamentary coup was already underway against him. I was surprised that they remained locked up in the Palace, isolated from the people who elected them.”

In this sense, President Petro stated that the now former president of Peru was wrong. “Undoubtedly Pedro Castillo was wrong by trying to use the article of the Peruvian constitution that allows the dissolution of Congress, which had already decided to remove him without respecting the popular will. Anti-democracy cannot be fought with anti-democracy.”

He stated that “I have affirmed that the great Latin American pact between all its political and social forces, right-wing or progressive, is the American Convention on Human Rights, today not even the OAS Secretary General respects it.”

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Petro also called for building a peaceful path, after the political crisis in Peru. “It is not with trials without crime, or with parliamentary coups, that progressivism should never imitate how a peaceful, solid and democratic path for Latin America will be built.

Finally, the president said that “what you try to revive since the parliamentary coup in Paraguay and Honduras, andIt’s the way to eliminate the opponent, disrespecting popular decisions at the polls. That is the path that ended Allende and plunged the Americas into dictatorship.”

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